Business Challenge: A major aerospace company decided to reduce risk by greatly improving its internal EHS audit program.

STC helped redesign the overall corporate auditing program to reflect the company’s new priorities. We then trained the company’s internal EHS auditing team and prepared detailed customized audit checklists reflecting specific federal, state, and local compliance requirements for the auditing program. STC now supports company audits at 10 to 12 facilities annually, and has completed full EHS compliance audits at three large, newly acquired shipyards.

STC Principals and key staff members offer our clients a wealth of experience in compliance management, permitting, training, and other consulting services designed to help them meet their EHS compliance responsibilities efficiently and effectively. We have extensive experience in working under attorney-client privilege, both for law firms and for in-house counsel.

The STC team is recognized worldwide for its expertise in EHS auditing. We work with clients to design, implement, and improve their compliance auditing programs. Depending on client objectives, STC will train the firm’s own EHS auditors, join in-house audit teams, or conduct the audits ourselves. STC auditors consistently provide sound recommendations for improved compliance management actions.

  • Improve compliance
  • Reduce accidents
  • Minimize regulatory exposure
  • Eliminate fines
  • Save time