Electronic Hazardous Materials Reporting

Since 2014, CA has required that facility Hazardous Material Business Plans (HMBP) be submitted electronically each year. The reporting system used for these submittals is called the California Environmental Reporting System, or CERS. STC recently worked with a client to convert their paper based reporting process to meet these electronic reporting requirements.The project included updating a facility wide chemical inventory, converting building maps with all of the required information to electronic format, complying with the requirements for underground storage tanks and providing all of their emergency information in the new format.

In performing the work to gather the information for the electronic submittal, STC identified the need to redefine the client’s chemical inventory to include the relevant information required by the CERS chemical inventory software, as well as updates to facility drawings. The corrections for the issues, along with the CERS reporting requirements, were ultimately incorporated into a business process to be used by the client to streamline future reporting efforts and to minimize submission errors.

STC’s approach when completing these types of projects – both for simple and complex facilities – is to develop business process that reduce the time and costs to the client and increase reporting accuracy.

If you would like more information or assistance with electronic hazardous material reporting, contact Carol Robinson at (510)495-6070 or by email:crobinson@stcenv.com.