Regulatory Information and Support Tools

Keeping current with regulatory changes can be a time consuming task. For an organization with manufacturing operations in several states and jurisdictions, it might take hours to sort through the myriad federal and state rule proposals and adoptions. STC has available a variety of program support tools designed to keep our clients  current on these diverse – and frequently changing — EHS regulatory requirements. STC’s Regulatory Update Tracking Service provides periodic summaries of federal and state proposed and final rules and communicates the compliance program impacts of these changes, customized to the scope and applicability of each clients operations and activities. STC’s experienced regulatory analysts monitor federal and state regulatory changes and provide customized summaries of these changes for review and distribution. Our regulatory update tracking services are customized to your operations and needs – site location(s), processes and operations, and federal/state regulatory program applicability. We currently provide these services for clients in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, power generation and distribution and automotive industries, as well as a diversified global manufacturing client. STC’s Regulatory Update Tracking Service can provide either monthly or quarterly summaries –and is available in a variety of formats to support your EHS information management specifications.

Revisions to ISO 14001 have accentuated the need for companies to identify their compliance obligations in detail. STC helps clients complete the task of compiling registries of requirements by identifying the regulatory and company requirements applicable their sites and operations. The scope of each registry is customized to the site’s operations, activities and program responsibilities. We have the experience and knowledge to effectively and efficiently build these registries to present federal, state and local environmental health and safety regulatory obligations – as well as company and site-specific compliance management program requirements – into user-friendly tools that assure continued compliance.

STC regulatory specialists also serve as the content authors responsible for 19 different EHS regulatory compliance, training and management systems audit guides, which are published by Specialty Technical Publishers (STP) of Vancouver, BC, Canada. The publications listed below cover many different aspects of EHS management and compliance.

Audit/Compliance Guides:

  • Environmental Auditing: Federal Compliance Guide
  • Environmental Auditing: California Compliance Guide
  • Cal/OSHA Compliance and Auditing Guide
  • OSHA Facilities Auditing: Federal Compliance Guide
  • OSHA Construction Auditing: Federal Compliance Guide
  • Motor Carrier Safety Auditing:  Federal (DOT) Regulatory Inspections Guide
  • Pipeline Safety Auditing: Federal (DOT) Compliance Guide
  • Environmental State Differences: Regulatory Summaries (for all 50 states + Puerto Rico)
  • Health and Safety State Differences: Regulatory Summaries (for all 50 states + Puerto Rico)

Training Guides:

  • Regulatory Training Requirements: EPA, OSHA, and DOT Compliance Guide
  • Regulatory Training Requirements: California Compliance Guide
  • Regulatory Training Requirements: Healthcare Facilities Compliance Guide

Management Systems Guides:

  • ISO 14001 EMS Implementation: Guidance Manual
  • OHSAS 18000 Health and Safety Management Systems Implementation: Guidance Manual

Specialized Guides:

  • Fire Code Management of Hazardous Materials:  Essential Guide
  • Laser Safety Audit Guide
  • Manufacturer Testing Requirements for New Large Nonroad Spark Ignition Engines

Preparing regular quarterly updates for these guides and our Regulatory Update Tracking Service allows STC’s regulatory specialists to retain their nationally-recognized roles as experts both on the content of these complex issues and on techniques to present this complicated information in the most readable, user-friendly form. For more information about regulatory information and support tools, contact Melanie Powers-Schanbacher at (908) 707-4001 or