EHS Management Strategies

Business Challenge: A global semiconductor manufacturing company needed to develop and implement a comprehensive EHS management system.

STC conducted a complete EHS compliance audit and full management systems assessment. Using the results, STC prepared dozens of EHS management procedures; helped develop and staff numerous work groups to address specific findings and achieve compliance quickly; and devised new training programs to improve ongoing compliance management performance. One senior executive commented that: “I thought that ‘STC’ stood for ‘Save the Company’.”

STC works with its clients to develop, implement, and improved their EHS management systems and to strengthen business performance. We help clients to achieve certification with international EHS standards; in fact we quite literally wrote the books on this process: our ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Implementation Guides.

With our help, clients have dramatically reduced workplace accidents and injuries, and have saved large sums in workers compensation premiums and lost productivity costs. Clients with improved EHS performance have also realized cost savings through reduced consumption of chemicals, energy, and water. Many clients move beyond their own operations to require EHS improvements throughout their supply chain.

  • Decrease costs
  • Achieve continuous EHS performance improvement
  • Maintain or enhance market share
  • Minimize risk & liability